@arrowsandbow x Joie Inn x Magnolia Network

Ashley and Joie Inn were in their own episode of Magnolia network’s (re)motel! Watch it here!


Parker Expands Team

Here at Parker, in order for us to live our mission, we needed to expand our team! Our team is the core of everything we do and the reason we get to support our incredible talent! Please join us as we welcome our leaders and manager! Chief Operations Officer, Sheila Gray We have been working […]


@smashingdiy NY Times Web Feature

Ashley Basnight – @smashingdiy – was featured in an article on the New York Times website, highlighting influencers doing DIY on a budget! A New Generation of Influencers Has Discovered D.I.Y. on a Tiny Budget “For the more ambitious DIY crowd with a larger budget, there’s Smashing DIY, an Instagram account that Ashley Basnight started […]


@pennies_for_a_fortune x HGTV

Click here to see Fariha’s Houston home tour on!



‘Influence for Good’ – it’s our motto at Parker, and as we live by that for our talent, but we believe it starts with our team. We have a continuous conversation on how we can be a voice, how we can inspire and educate. With these conversations, we always come back to the fact that […]


The Future of Partnerships: Co-Branded Collaborations

Co-Branded Collaborations are on the rise as more and more companies are seeing the immense value of Influencer Marketing. Both talent and brands benefit from these product partnerships, and it is also a great way for you to flex your creative mind! If you have ever wanted to start your own brand, but don’t have […]


Setting Purposeful Goals

Let’s start with why goals, in general, are important. When we have something we are striving to obtain or reach it gives us purpose! It tells us that what we are doing is FOR something. An example of a goal; to work with a dream brand in a lucrative partnership. Working towards that goal will […]


How To Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest may seem daunting, however it’s one of the best ways to search, find inspiration and connect with others on a platform that is unlike any other. We are sharing our best tips for tapping into Pinterest and using it like a pro!   Pinterest is ultimately a search engine. From recipes to DIY’s…from parenting […]


Five Things Every Influencer Should Do To Take Their Brand To The Next Level

Sheila Gray of Thrive Consulting is not shy to hard work, goal setting and brand building! Here she shares valuable insight and showcases her 5 main tips for any Influencer who wants to take their brand to the next level: A deep rooted “why” and “vision” for your business. Ask yourself why you are doing this. […]

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