Setting Purposeful Goals


November 10, 2021

Let’s start with why goals, in general, are important. When we have something we are striving to obtain or reach it gives us purpose! It tells us that what we are doing is FOR something. An example of a goal; to work with a dream brand in a lucrative partnership. Working towards that goal will help you feel like the effort you’re putting into your business is worth it! The long days on IG, creating content, reviewing contracts will all be worth it.
But I want to help you dive deeper. I want you to be so driven and motivated by your goal that when the storm comes, and it will, you are rooted and strong and it will NOT knock you down! So, let’s talk about MEANINGFUL, or as I love to say, Purposeful goals!
A great example of a meaningful goal would be; By November 15th of 2022 I will have worked not only with Brand X, my dream brand, but other brands that will change my business forever.  This type of goal takes you further and pushes you! You’re telling yourself that you’re worth it. The income, the freedom and the exposure!
Or, by the end of 2022 I will have grown another platform (Youtube, Podcasting, Blogging) to the point of monetization ensuring that I am not only reliant on IG. BOOM.
So here are some tips on how to create these and then achieve them:
  • Write about your dreams for the future. Get specific and intentional with these. Don’t leave anything out! What does your business look like in 2 years? What about 5? How will this impact you and your family? Where are you spending your time? How do you feel 5 years from now?
  • Then, pick 2 – 3 BIG milestones or goals that will need to be met to make these dreams a reality. It can be financial, shifts in how you operate, your team growth and so much more.
  • Plot those 2-3 BIG milestones on a calendar. Commit to WHEN these will happen. The day you’re going to celebrate these achievements.
  • Remember these are meaningful and purposeful so this next step is important: Work backwards on your timeline and figure out what it will take (actions) to meet these goals. What needs to shift in your business, approach, how you market etc? Start to plot those smaller goals or actions onto a calendar as well!
  • You should see some incredible milestones, action items and plans to meet this meaningful goal! It should feel doable. (is that a word?!). Like you can do this. You should feel relief and know that you can do this.
  • The last step is to start moving towards these purposeful goals! Take action, seek support, build your team and find some hype girls to cheer you on!
Every time I’ve worked with an influencer or business this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we do together! It will make a massive difference in how you operate and teach you to treat all of this as a business. You are the CEO and Founder. You set the tone and you achieve success!
When you find yourself derailing or feeling overwhelmed take a minute to go back and visit what you wrote about the future. Sit in that feeling again and get specific with why you are here. I would also suggest that you take a moment to evaluate your business to make sure you are still working towards something that you love. If not, its ok to shift. It is ok to stop and adjust your purpose and goals to align back with you!
xx, Sheila

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