We do things differently around here, so let's show you how.

Parker isn't only known for our friendly and warm nature. We grow businesses, we increase revenue, and we offer a boutique-feel to management to ensure that our talent are cared for in the most premium way.

for GOOD


Our brand + agency relationships are imperative to Parker. Over the years, we’ve become the first choice for many when looking to find talent for a campaign. How we help you?

  • We find the right talent for your campaign while keeping budget and goals at the forefront. 
  • We have data to backup rates
  • We work WITH your team in measuring success (what went well, what didn’t, how can we make sure this campaign is a success?)
  • We have a Partnerships Manager that is your main point of contact. Our Partnerships Manager is there for the brands to ensure your experience is exceptional. 

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We manage a diverse roster of digital talent that standout with their voice, quality of content, and impact. They fuel positivity and inspiration through their platforms. They use their platform for good. 

We have been in this industry long enough to know what it takes to standout. Over the years, we have refined our management process to be able to offer the most premium management experience in our industry. 

What does Parker do differently?

  • We do BIG business, but keep a medium-size talent roster to maintain a boutique feel.
  • We have one of the lowest manager to talent ratio in the industry.
  • We provide a 360 business strategy perspective for our talent — whether you want to create your own brand, launch a podcast, grow other platforms, or simply grow your revenue on brand partnerships.
  • We have a Director of Talent Experience to ensure that you are getting what you need from our team.
  • We have opportunities to learn and grow with others on our talent roster.
  • We are known for getting our talent the strongest rates in the industry.
  • We encourage mental health and well-being for our talent.

What this looks like:

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If you think you are ready for management and feel that you are the right fit for Parker, learn more about our requirements and send through an application.



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