5 Things You Should Do as an Influencer This Year


March 28, 2022

We are officially a quarter into 2022! We really hope that excites you as you look back on all that you’ve accomplished so far and realize that you still have 9 months to do amazing things. No matter how you’re feeling, we thought it would be fun to help you along with a list of 5 things that you should make sure to do as an influencer this year!

We have the privilege of not only running a business, but also watching and learning from our own talent as they crush it in theirs. We also love to learn as much as we can so that we can turn around and help as many influencers as possible find the right path for their own businesses. Here are the 5 things for you to make sure you do with the rest of the year.

Find someone to support you in your business

This is something that is hard for some of us! As you take assessment of your current business, if you are finding yourself overwhelmed, fatigued, making less or not enjoying it anymore then it may be time for you to find someone to help you. This can happen in many different ways. You can hire an assistant, hire a content creator, add a bookkeeper/CPA to your team, or even find a business coach! To make sure you do this right we recommend making a list of all the things that you don’t love or cause overwhelm. Then, see what category fills up the most and hire that person first. You should see immediate results and relief!

Take time off for your mental health

You’ve heard it many times. Your mental health is extremely important. We find that is especially true in our industry. The comparison game and fatigue is real, my friends. So we suggest that you quickly get some time off on your calendar. Don’t take any partnerships during that time, try not to engage in social media and truly check out. You will be amazed at how refreshed and excited you feel to get back into it when you are back.

Make sure you are on more than one social platform

We are really serious about this one. More than ever we are finding that it is crucial to be on more than one platform so that you are diverse in the ways you generate income. This could be IG/TikTok, IG/YouTube, IG/podcasting or more! We still find that the majority of our partnerships come from IG but TikTok is rising quickly! Look at what you enjoy most, or even what has been on your heart, and make a plan to get there! Hint: your new support person can help you get there.

Set some goals that push you

At Parker, we love a good stretch goal. Something that pushes us a bit outside of our comfort zone but that is also something we can achieve! When was the last time you truly thought about what you want to achieve and then put a plan in place to get there? It’s time, my friend, to get on that train and push yourself to achieve what you are capable of! When our talent is strategic about what they want to achieve it is so wild how fast they do it! So, write out your dreams and then start breaking them down into goals and set some for this quarter and the rest of the year. You might surprise yourself.

Have fun

Having fun is something that a lot of us forget to do. So this is your reminder to stop and enjoy the life you’ve created or are trying to create. Take a deep breath and laugh, dance, love on your littles, travel, spend time with friends and family! Do have fun. When we see our talent take this to heart their content gets better and better. They live life to the fullest and create an incredible future for themselves. It’s ok to have fun as much as you can.

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