What is a branding guide and why do you need one?


March 25, 2022

Just like anything in your brand, your messaging and look should all be consistent…and a branding guide is just the thing to keep you focused on what you want your brand to communicate! A branding guide is a document that houses anything and everything that is made up of your brand. This can range from consistent and unique typography, logos, color palette, imagery, tone or personality. Literally all of the things, one place, all you. 

We’ve pulled together the answers to why a branding guide may lead to a more consistent, marketable you: 

Maintaining consistency for your audience:

The power of consistency comes from the fact that repetition drives brand recognition. Just using the same brand color scheme can greatly increase the amount of consumers who can identify you, so when all of your brand elements come together, you can expect results. People can identify something from you immediately. “Oh I love that unique taupe that so and so incorporates into her typography choices!” 

Work faster: 

No more trying to figure out what colors/fonts to use. A branding guide eliminates wasted time trying to design something. So whether you are creating your website or designing your signature line for your email – you have now focused on your two usable fonts and colors and you know these need to be included so the entire brand flows as one. 

Branding keeps you focused on the task at hand: 

There is such a thing as too many colors. No one likes branding that is too busy or messy. Too busy leads to confusion on what your brand is/what you do. Clear branding will keep the focus on you, your partnerships and inspire others along the way.  

You’ll stand out from the crowd:

You’ll stand apart from those who don’t have clear branding and you’ll be recognizable from other influencers/brands. If you have ever seen a beautifully curated instagram feed, you are looking at a form of branding. Think differently than others to create cohesivity…use the same font on TikTok, use the same graphics from your site that you do on marketing collateral or incorporate your branded color into your social.  It can even be as simple as signing your name consistently with a unique emoji. It’s what makes you, your brand. 

Brand consistency boosts loyalty: 

People fall in love with you and your brand overall. “It’s very on brand for so and so.”  That is such a positive statement! When people recognize something outside of your ‘box’ and correlate it to something that works within your brand personality…this means they are thinking [ and are reminded ] of YOU. They recognize the ability to define a color, a look or a vibe with the consistency you are putting out there! So take it to the next level!

And if you don’t know where to start, amazing resources for creation are Canva or apps such as Lingo or Grammarly. And if it just seems too daunting, hire a professional – they will take your vision and make it come to life!

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