Why Influencers Are Tapping Into Multiple Platforms


February 14, 2022

Getting creative and diverse is the *newest* trend from 2020 on – video is key for growth and beating that pesky algorithm. In recent years, we have seen a huge flux of growth in TikTok, YouTube and others that support more captivating video content and we are hooked! 

The days of one platform focus are behind us and you will see more talent branching out with new ways to connect and be seen. Growth among multiple platforms is a benefit to reaching new eyes and relating to different generations and followers! 

Our talent has been making big creative strides in growing their personal brands by marketing themselves on multiple platforms: 

Amanda of @comestayawhile started her DIY journey in 2020 when she became a homeowner and it was difficult to book contractors and builders during a pandemic. She wanted to create the home she loved and set out to do it herself, and she took us along with her! She has quickly grown on Instagram but has recently hit 1 million followers on TikTok! 

YouTube is another platform where we have seen our talent’s numbers increase recently. Alyssa of @alyssafluellen just hit 400k+ on YouTube and there is no wonder why! Her adorable family, mom humor and relatable lifestyle content lead her to quick growth on Instagram, and now with YT, her short, fun videos are another way to get a glimpse into her daily family life. 

@melissametrano grew rapidly on Instagram sharing her mom hacks, renovations and of course, the famous red wine couch test! She has recently hit 700k+ on YT (!!!) and 7 million followers on TikTok. Her creative ideas and everyday approach to making mom / wife life fun is one of the many reasons her followers love her and look to other platforms for more! 

Our girl @ally_yost just hit 1.4 million followers on TikTok and has seen consistent growth since she started sharing her love for beauty trends and fashion finds. She consistently shows up and makes us laugh while doing so!

So what are some tips for showing up on different platforms to continue growth? 

Consistency is key – showing up regularly is important to stay relevant and on top of any algorithms or changes the platform may have while you are growing.

Have fun with it – smiles are contagious, laughter is motivating and being you just may inspire others to start sharing!

When you need a break, take it! Don’t feel the need to utilize every single platform if it’s causing burnout – it’s better to be authentic and show up on one platform than be inconsistent on multiple platforms!

Collect those emails! Tap into your following and gather their emails – if they are loving what you are sharing on social media, they will be excited to hear what is happening lately through email! This is such a personal touch and we see this growing greatly in 2022!

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