November 30, 2021

‘Influence for Good’ – it’s our motto at Parker, and as we live by that for our talent, but we believe it starts with our team. We have a continuous conversation on how we can be a voice, how we can inspire and educate. With these conversations, we always come back to the fact that it starts with kindness. 

And we want to do more. 

This season, we are launching our #IgniteKindness campaign, and it’s a very simple call to action. Do something kind for someone, whatever you can, but commit to making that impact. 

Why are we doing this?

We will believe that the big AND small acts of kindness are what make the world a better place. Social media is POWERFUL. We know this! So let’s use it for good!

Have you ever opened the door for someone, complimented someone on their outfit, or let someone pass you without fuss and you get that sensation of goodness where it might have felt simple to you, but something that may have impacted their day for the better? That. We want to do that, on a bigger scale. 

How can you participate?

  1. Dec. 1st-Dec. 5th, we want you to do something KIND for someone and document it. 
  2. On your IG stories, show your audience what exactly you are doing (see our list for ideas below! This can be big or small!) and tag a few friends + share our hashtag #IgniteKindness. Remember, our goal here is to SPREAD kindness, so we want others to be a part of this!  

As a company, we are giving away $100 to 5 people that show kindness as well. Keep an eye on our social for more! We will be selecting those winners throughout the week at random (please make sure to use the #IgniteKindness tag and even better, @parkermanagement so we can share!)

Idea List:

  • Buy a coffee and a cookie for the person behind you in line
  • Volunteer to do some heavy lifting / yard work, organizing, decorating for the holidays
  • Cook for someone who needs a little love right now or buy a gift card for groceries
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen / women’s shelter / homeless shelter
  • Adopt a family or military personnel
  • Donate needs to a women’s shelter 
  • Offer up what you have to give – have a friend who has been wanting to pick your brain for business, fashion or family advice – take them to coffee and offer up an ear for all things you may be skilled in
  • Donate your time at an animal shelter
  • Babysit for a family who needs a night out – bonus points for buying a gift card to ‘treat them’
  • Mentor or coach a child in high school 
  • Donations – do a closet purge and donate gently used clothing to women’s shelters or books to hospitals / elderly care facilities
  • Make handmade cards and deliver to neighbors 
  • Start a blessing Box / prayer circle
  • Shop small and share – every little bit helps with small businesses 
  • Plant a tree or pick up trash // activities to help with cleaning up our environment
  • Give blood
  • Connect with a charity that you feel passionate about // donate time or what you can financially 
  • Deliver treats or gift cards to the homeless
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru line
  • Organize a toy drive/angel tree toy drive
  • Offer to pay a utility bill for someone in need
  • Drop off coffee/treats/lunch to nonprofit workers/volunteers
  • Organize a meal-packing event to package holiday meal supplies for those in need
  • Tip your servers/baristas a little extra than normal
  • Leave small treats at your door for the UPS/Fedex/USPS drivers
  • Make and collect cards to give to hospital and nursing home patients – if you can,  add in little coffee or meal gift cards

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