What is a lifestyle influencer and why the heck we love them…


February 8, 2022

They’re your style bff, your design guru, your motivational speaker and the best advice giver – all through the screen of your phone – that’s a Lifestyle Influencer! 

The spectrum of Influencer reach has expanded to more than sharing their Target hauls, they are now someone you welcome into your life on a daily basis – and what they authentically share makes them feel even closer to us. When the world seems a little crazy, we can look to them for a good laugh or a relatable chat and it’s a source of both inspiration and entertainment!

A lifestyle influencer is a personality who posts a variety of content, ranging anywhere from home decor to style tips to what happened to them in the drive thru line at Starbucks. They are genuine, relatable and welcoming – just like your bff. They post life experiences, share personal information and even big life events that may seem taboo – making them instantly approachable. 

These online personalities or Lifestyle Influencers are creating a level of trust with their followers. Not only are they sharing products that they have put their stamp of approval on, but they are trusting their following with personal experiences – openly and with genuine accessibility. 

So why the heck do we love them so much? 

Along with making us laugh or showing us that we too can build that mudroom bench, they are fun and fearless and we can’t wait for the next story slide to see what they’re cooking for dinner. It’s inspiration on a different – and updated – level rather than scrolling on pinterest or flipping through a magazine.

It’s a lot of work creating content, but Lifestyle Influencers create to inspire their audiences and to create community with their following. They facilitate that trust we so desire in our everyday life! 

So when you follow along, remember that the influencer that welcomes you into their life regularly is just as amazing of a human as you! 

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