Using Instagram Stories To Connect With Your Audience


April 14, 2022

Since it’s launch in 2017, Instagram Stories has quickly become a preferred method of connection for many between influencers and their followers. Instagram stories and the way many influencers use the feature, allows users to get a more realistic view of their favorite people to follow. It can give a behind the scenes glimpse at the inside of an influencer’s world, beyond the curated photo. Now, more than ever, it’s become important to build a credible relationship with your audience and stories are a great way to do this! We are breaking down the top ways to engage in stories from feedback from our talent and following:

Be True to You

Followers like stories because they can get an unfiltered look into your life! Be vulnerable, give an overview of your day, or share what you got at Trader Joe’s! More often than not, they’ll want to see it, even if you think they don’t. Don’t be afraid to go makeup free while sharing a story about how you spilled your coffee, because we guarantee you’ll get replies from people who have done the exact same thing.

Get Inspired

Think about what you like to see from others. If you’re unsure what to share, look to your favorite people to follow and what they share as inspo! It’s ok to be inspired by others, as long as you give them credit where credit is due. And don’t blatantly copy them of course. Put your own spin on things!

Use Stickers

Use Instagram’s built in features, like stickers! Instagram has so many stickers that give you an opportunity to connect with your followers. Try doing some fun polls, or put up a question box with a Q&A. The new-ish “Add Yours” sticker is perfect for connecting with your audience in this way. Think of a fun prompt for people to add their own pictures to!

Day in the Life

Use stories as a way to mini-vlog. If you aren’t a long form video person, do a day in the life on stories! This way followers get a better idea of what your days look like, but it saves you from having to edit together a long video. AND with Instagram’s new convert to reel feature, it’d be so easy to later on take those stories and convert it to a reel that can live on your page!

Film tutorials

People love to learn how other people do things. It’s fascinating. It could be as simple as how you cut a lemon – ok maybe make it a little more interesting – but you get the point! Followers want to know how you do your everyday makeup or get your bedding to look extra fluffy, so put it up on stories! And just like your day in the life’s, you can convert them to reels later on, so they can refer back to them!

And THE best way to connect is to do just that: connect. Talk to your following, find out what they want to see, engage in their interests and likes – it’s what will keep them coming back for more!

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