Five Things Every Influencer Should Do To Take Their Brand To The Next Level


September 3, 2021

Sheila Gray of Thrive Consulting is not shy to hard work, goal setting and brand building! Here she shares valuable insight and showcases her 5 main tips for any Influencer who wants to take their brand to the next level:

  1. A deep rooted “why” and “vision” for your business. Ask yourself why you are doing this. What impact do you hope to have on your audience and what is your long term vision? A vision is something that you have not yet achieved and is far reaching. For example, my vision is to “Guide and inspire women to live their purpose in business and thrive worldwide!”. Here’s why this is so important; you will face adversity in your business at some point. It is inevitable. The goal with your why and vision is to be so deeply rooted that when that storm comes or that hardship comes you won’t be knocked over. You maintain stability and have a compass for the decisions you make in your business. Also, when you’re questioning why the heck you’re showing up on social media every day these things will help you remember what you’re working towards and bring you back, inspire you and help you keep staying consistent.
  2. An understanding that you are running a business. The minute you make the decision to monetize what you are passionate about it’s time to treat everything you do as a business. This means setting up processes and systems, managing your income wisely, showing up professionally and timely and more. This is a great mindset to adopt right from the start and will truly change the trajectory for you. You will see consistent income, start earning more as brands see stronger insights and you’ll stand out from anyone that isn’t really taking it seriously.
  3. Create a strategy or plan. We know that without a plan in place it is easy to find yourself lost or confused about your next step. I would encourage you to sit down and map out at least 90 days ahead. Pick your end goal – what do you need to accomplish or what will make the largest impact on your business at the end of those 90 days? Then work backwards and figure out what it will take to get there. Plot deadlines and tasks on your calendars and go. Be intentional about your time every single day. Then adjust as needed. Check in with yourself and figure out what’s working and what isn’t’ so that you can shift the plan and keep moving forward.
  4. Stay consistent. This is a big one! This is where I see people start to fall apart and growth halts. You must remain persistent, resilient and consistent in your business. In order for you to grow in this industry you need to show up. Your audience relies on you, brands expect it and you owe it to yourself. But, to remain consistent you will need to make sure what you’ve set out to accomplish is achievable for you! Can you keep the pace you’ve committed to? Or do you need to adjust a bit so that it works for you and your family? Check in with yourself and be honest here.
  5. Find support. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that they have someone supporting them. They have someone they look to for advice, clarity and to be a guide! This is why I love what I do. Being that person for people is such a gift. So, go find someone that you know will be honest with you, help you see gaps in your business and will encourage you along the way. You cannot do this alone. It is impossible! It’s why, as you get to that point, a manager is crucial along with someone who will guide you to growth.

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