Crushing The Tik Tok Game With @melisfit

Influencer Spotlight

November 4, 2020

Tik Tok is elusive to some of us and a way of life to others, but how does @melisfit stay active and relevant in an ever changing outlet? We are picking her brain, and breaking down the trends of this extremely popular app!

I LOVE TikTok so much!! The app brings out so much creativity in people and I could spend hours on the FYP (for your page)! I think my favorite thing about TikTok is also the reason I stay so active on the app and that is that there isn’t pressure to have perfect content. Some of my most viral videos have taken me less than 10 minutes to create. It’s just about being creative, having fun and posting things that make you smile. You can discover and connect with so many people because the app is designed for discoverability.’ 


Q: Melis – tell us the secret to being so funny! No but really…spill the dirt on how you have created a viral following:

A: When I first got on TikTok I spent a ton of time on the FYP. I didn’t understand how the app worked. Once I started scrolling I noticed certain trends, audios and formats of videos that kept popping up. I found this audio that I just couldn’t stop watching videos of and decided to make one myself but in a way that was applicable to pregnant women (I was pregnant at the time). It took off and I realized that taking current trends and making them applicable to your niche is a great way to get visibility and potentially go viral. I also noticed consistency was key and coming up with your own original content that tells a story. I always say another great place to start is by utilizing what people are engaging with on your IG stories and converting that into a TikTok video to repurpose content and stay consistent! I think the biggest misconception is you have to dance or be young to build a following on the platform but all you have to do is just be consistent, tell a story and create content that feels good for you!


Q: What do you find to be the most effective engagement strategy? 


A: If I see a typical type of video is performing well I try to continue to recreate it in new ways. I have noticed that the most successful creators on the app make similar types of videos over and over. It is a great strategy especially if something is working! However I always play around with new trends and ideas because you never know what could be next and you have to keep evolving! 


Q: Do you have a plan or are you more of a wing it, in the moment Tik Tok’er?


A: I am not a huge planner when it comes to TikTok content because trends change so rapidly! Sometimes going into the week I will think about ideas and make a list of content that I think would be really fun to shoot so I have inspiration if I need it. 


Q: How has Tik Tok transitioned growth to other social media platforms for you? 


A: I have absolutely seen growth on my other platforms. I think the largest growth I have seen is on my YouTube channel but I have seen an increase on Instagram as well. I think one of the best ways to grow on Instagram right now is by growing a following on another platform. There is so much more visibility on TikTok and you are able to connect with new people every time you post a video! 


Q: What is your number one tip for others who want to grow their brand with Tik Tok?


A: It’s not too late to start! Just show up and start posting videos, there is still such a huge opportunity for growth and brand expansion through TikTok! 

Q: Where do you see the trends going for short video in 2021?


A: I think although the videos are short, people are interested in learning a story in that 15-30 seconds and that people will want more story-telling and depth within those short videos. Try to come up with a creative way to tell your story in 30 seconds or less with voiceover, short video clips put together and creative plot lines! 


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