Part 2: When To Pivot Your Offerings + Remain True To Your Brand


November 10, 2020

“Don’t mistake activity for productivity. Creativity is productivity—it just doesn’t feel like it at first.”

― Gino Wickman, Rocket Fuel: The One Essential Combination That Will Get You More of What You Want from Your Business


We have been working with Sheila Gray of Thrive for the past 9 – ish months and she has transformed our way of thinking about business and knowing our worth! 


With 2020 being the most challenging year in business in our lifetimes, as well as ‘unprecedented’ and just plain strange, some businesses and brands have had to adjust and pivot to stay aligned with consumer needs. 


So how do you know when and how to make changes in your brand? We asked Sheila who has helped businesses Thrive in 2020.


Q: Break it down, when do you know it’s time to make changes in your business? 

A: There are a few key things to assess regularly in your business. Are you experiencing burnout, are your results stagnant or have you recently had massive growth. These are 3 very important reasons to make changes! If you find yourself bored, not wanting to work or think about work or don’t have the joy you had before then it’s time to look at how you can shift in your business to move out of these feelings. When you find yourself bumping into the glass ceiling but not breaking through then something stopped working or it’s time to uplevel. Lastly, and I see this a LOT, if you are in the middle of or at the tail end of massive growth you will need to make outsourcing, hiring and automation changes!


Q: Where is a starting point to shifting offerings and how do you stay authentic?

A: When what you’re doing is no longer working is your starting point. If you find that you’re offering is stagnant, your audience is not engaging OR you see that the market is moving a different direction it’s time to shift! Remember, people hire you and follow you because of your BRAND. If you stay true to who you are, tell your truth and be genuine then you will always be authentic. I think we get so caught up in what society tell us we should be doing and it is extremely unhealthy. Let go of those expectations or what you think they are and move into yourself.


Q: How is goal setting different / important during transitional periods in your business?

A: This is one of the most important phases in your business to set GOALS! You could also say strategy. When you are in a transitional phase you run the risk of confusion and overwhelm. You also may be focusing on the wrong things which will hurt your business and results. I like to advise that you write out the end result you are going for in the transition and then start writing out HOW you are going to get there. Plan for success during that transition!


Q: What is your advice on remaining creative but learning to shift to work with brands or grow?

A: What a great question! The most important thing is that you always stay true to yourself. To do this you must be rooted in your “why” – the purpose you have and what keeps you going! As you are asked or need to shift how you show up I would suggest re-connecting with your why and grounding yourself there. Measure up projects to who you are. It is OK TO SAY NO! Not worth the compromise. Are you being true to yourself and honest with that next job? Will it be the best thing for you and your business? If it is a must do then be ok letting go sometimes and doing what you NEED to do to complete that project and move on. Just make sure this isn’t a regular occurrence. : )


Q: When do you know it’s time to ask for help in building your business, crushing your goals and growing your brand?

A: You should always be looking for support, accountability and push yourself to grow! But, if you need some definitive ideas I would say this; when you KNOW you’re ready to make more, if you find yourself spinning in confusion or you’re about ready to give up then you need help.

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