Navigating Multiple Revenue Streams w/ Shelby of @prettyinthepines

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October 22, 2020

She is a woman with many talents and does everything well, so what is the trick to navigating [ and managing effectively ] multiple revenue streams? We picked Shelby [ of @prettyinthepines’ ] brain and asked her to share details on crushing her goals and gaining business momentum!


Q: You’re known for tapping into multiple markets…and doing it with ease and authenticity…how do you balance your day to day projects and stay sane?

Finding a good organizational system was crucial and I feel like I’m always fine-tuning it.  Ever since I started using Google Calendar for everything, my days have felt infinitely more organized and I am able to color code tasks by revenue stream and then change their color once they’re completed whether it is brand partnership, Etsy shop, or affiliate related. Thankfully, I’ve been able to hire some help so that I have not only myself completing tasks in there but I have others helping complete things. It’s nice that everyone in there can see what needs to be done and can ultimately work toward the same daily goal. I make each daily task an “all day event” so it stays up at the top of the calendar and, by the end of the day, my goal is always for everything to be greyed out. It doesn’t always happen but it definitely helps with organization and has made a significant difference in my productivity, affiliate sales, Etsy shop sales, and content on multiple platforms. I’ve also started to block out time on different days for “Plan Content”, “Film/Shoot”, “Due Date”, “Share Content”, and “Submit Insights” for each brand because I’ve noticed that it really allows me to be more creative and on top of things when I schedule out each step as opposed to “Due Date” and “Live Date”. 


Q: Is there a focus you prefer over others that has helped excel your business and brand?

I’ve always been a person with many interests and passions so I’ve always felt like I wasn’t “niche” enough on social media. I enjoy styling outfits, sharing home decor and DIY, travel, finding healthy activities/meal options, and just sharing everyday life. Thankfully, that also keeps many doors open for working with brands that I love within all of those categories. If I had to choose one focus that has helped excel my business, I would say the home content. I noticed a big change once we bought our first house and completed several DIY projects during our 2 years there but it wasn’t until we moved to an apartment in NYC where I realized how much people love the easier, more simple home projects (like peel & stick tile, floors, command strip gallery walls, rental friendly ideas.). So, if I had to choose, I’d say home content and just sharing our everyday life. My Etsy shop ties both home and everyday life/travel together because the shop includes several prints for the home that I’ve taken not only on travel adventures (pre-2020) but on everyday walks around the city. I also love being able to create 99% of my affiliate links through RewardStyle for all of these categories. Being able to use RewardStyle over the last several years has played a huge role in my business. 


Q: What is the process like for you when preparing creatives for a brand? Does it vary by revenue stream?

The first thing I will do is look at the list of deliverables and due dates. I’ll then schedule a block of time to plan content (key brainstorming session), a block of time on another day to shoot/film/write, the due date for approval, a live date, and a submit insights date. When incorporating that brand, I always want the content to tell a story that is more than just the product itself and tie it into everyday life. For example: sharing an activewear brand in a Reel but ending the video walking the dog in Central Park because that is where we spend a lot of our time. 


Q: We are all so excited for 2021, but how do you see yourself finishing 2020 strong and what is a goal you have set for yourself for the new year?


The end of the year can be hectic but I’ve learned the importance of making time to slow down and just be… which helps tremendously with my focus and creativity and is also when new ideas happen! I mentioned my Google Calendar earlier but I really try to leave Saturday’s wide open with no commitments, due dates, posts, etc. Even having just one day where I don’t feel pressure to be on my computer or phone helps so much. Then I feel like I can come back on Sundays (a pretty key day for my job) stronger and more clear-minded. I’m not totally sure what 2021 holds but after a year of not seeing many family or friends, I hope that 2021 to be more community-focused, especially with us being still somewhat new to NYC. 



Q: Can you share any pivotal moments in your career as an Influencer that has led to more doors opening?

In my experience, it was very slow and steady growth but branching out and finding new passions and sharing them with others without fear of failure, especially when it comes to the home content, was pretty key. I wouldn’t have known that so many would be inspired by my home ideas if I had never tried and shared my experiences. While I know many influencers who have grown quickly by focusing in on one category, I have never been able to give up sharing about all of the things I love (whether it’s home v. style v. food v. life) and, while the growth has been steady, that has really allowed me to partner with some of my favorite brands in all of those categories, which really helps my content feel natural and authentically me. I love being able to switch topics day-to-day while everything remains organic and genuinely what I love sharing.

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