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May 3, 2023

Born and raised in San Diego, Lindsay was exposed early on to the entertainment industry through family. Now with over a decade of industry experience, Lindsay got her start booking talent in the modeling world – where she eventually met her husband and settled down in the Northwest. 

When they had their son, Parker – Lindsay knew she craved a lifestyle where motherhood and her career could go hand in hand. She founded Parker Management in 2017, with the dream to align with like minded people in the space and that management could feel more personal. 

Now with a team of nearly twenty, Parker Management has transformed into a leading management company representing a diverse roster of creators across the country, spanning every content category. 

Six years later, Lindsay’s mission remains the same and the Parker community is best known for their positive impact and to leave the social space a better place than when they found it. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Lindsay to ask a few more questions…

What has been the most rewarding part about watching Parker and the social space evolve over the past six years?

Watching lives change! Whether it is for our own employees or the creators we manage, watching people do what they love and find success has been by far my favorite part. 

How do you stay inspired as an entrepreneur? 

I love watching and learning from other entrepreneurs. Whether that is reading books, listening to podcasts, or scrolling on LinkedIn. It keeps me inspired and always wanting to evolve and try new things.

What advice do you have for someone who’s in a funk with their content, biz, etc?

Take a pause (whether that is a few days or a month) and get reconnected. I think pushing through when you are in a funk is almost more detrimental. Stepping away can be so powerful. You can gain clarity, spark new inspiration, and BREATHE. I also love that it allows you to tune out the noise of what everyone else is doing.

What are your favorite types of accounts to follow? 

Business + educational accounts, accounts that transport me (I love following a bunch of French and English countryside accounts), and of course, all of our creators! I’m so proud of them all and I love cheering them all on.

Do you believe in the power of manifestation and how do you hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals you set for yourself/your business? 

I absolutely do! I really believe we can have and do ANYTHING we want. For business and personal, it is as simple as me accepting and/or saying out loud that I/we CAN do it. Personally, I remember dreaming up the home we live in now. Even though it felt so unrealistic and far-fetched at one point, I let myself dream it and not doubt it. For business, if we set goals, it starts with a belief that truly can get there. If we are struggling, I find creative ways to make sure they get accomplished. 

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