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January 10, 2023

Hi Parker Fam!

As many of you know, we trialed a 4-day work week this past Q4. We had an overwhelming amount of interest. Many people were extremely skeptical that it is even possible in our industry. So, let’s dive into the letter our Founder recently sent out:

First of all, Happy 2023! I hope it is off to a great start.

When we first shared about our work-week shift (ICYM: read about our 4-day workweek trial here), I promised many of you that I would let you know how it went, what we learned, and how we were able to do it. So, that is what I’m here to share. The good, the bad, and the overall reality of what this is like for our company. 

Guess what? I truly don’t have a whole lot of bad to share here. But I do want to be transparent about what our trial has really led to. 

I wouldn’t say Friday is a full day off. We’ve shifted our language to call Friday a “flex day.” The reasons being: 

  1. Some people use Friday, or at least a few hours on Friday, to wrap things up or get caught up. The beauty is that we don’t schedule calls, meetings, or require anyone to be on Slack (which is what we use to communicate as a team).
  2. Occasionally, we have creators going live on Friday or over the weekend and we have to communicate with them or the brand/agency.
  3. Inevitably, other work-related projects often spill over into Friday and require some urgency.

Here is why the “Flex Friday” idea has worked out so well for us:

  1. You don’t feel the need to do things. Generally speaking, if you do pop on, you do it because you want to.
  2. If you are in a great place and all caught up, you don’t have to be online. You get to enjoy the day or handle personal things.
  3. We have had no signs of disruption, from partnership coordination and day-to-day business tasks, to sheer profit and financial goals.
  4. Everyone is very “on” Monday-Thursday. Not in the exhausted, yet still functioning and pushing through way I feel we have seen in the past. The energy is different. It is healthier!

I wanted to share some quotes from several team members on how this work-week shift has felt for them. I can personally share that while I have always had the hardest time NOT working, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much I genuinely look forward to Friday now. I tend to pop on for a couple hours at some point, but I now have more time for errands and with my kids. I feel like I get the time I need away from work Friday-Sunday so that when Monday comes around, I feel so much more energy going into the day (which equals much more productivity and intentional work time). 

I truly hope that it inspires more of you to consider this!

“Our new Friday flex day has brought new energy into my work week that I didn’t know was missing! I have found myself more productive and focused during the week and my Fridays have become a precious necessity for both myself and my family. I find that I’m looking forward to Monday and I start the week very strong and focused. I will say that it took a few weeks to figure out how to schedule M-Th effectively so that Fridays feel like a true flex day but once I adjusted my time things started to flow nicely!” – Sheila Gray, COO

“With Friday being a flex day, I am more motivated to be as productive as possible Monday-Thursday. Knowing that if I get my work done, I look forward to taking Friday to recharge and be more present with my family!” – Janie Alessi, Director of Talent

“Switching to a 4 day work week has helped me be more productive, and intentional with my time. I feel I am able to time block my day more efficiently so that I can work smarter, and in turn, get more accomplished. It’s been a game changer for me!” – Maddie Johnson, Talent Manager

“I’ve never been more grateful for anything in my professional life! Overall, I’m healthier, happier, and more driven. The three-day break gives me enough time to organize my life, and rest and recharge, so that I can truly dedicate every bit of brain power to work Monday through Thursday.” – Taylor Kintop, Senior Brand Partnerships Manager

“Our recent work-week shift with flexible Fridays has been so incredible for my mental health. I feel more productive and intentional with my days Monday through Thursday. While I still work on Fridays, I now have more time in the mornings to spend with my kids, and also take an afternoon workout class…two small things that bring me immense joy and ultimately make me a happier employee. I’m grateful to work for a company that was open to trying this schedule because it has proven to be so successful!” – Stephanie Field, Director of Talent Experience

“Since implementing Flex Fridays, I have definitely noticed a positive shift in my mental health. I feel even more productive and present with work on Monday-Thursday each week, and knowing that I have the flexibility to take care of anything personal on Fridays is such a relief because I am able to take full advantage of my weekends to relax and unplug, which is so important in this industry!” – Sarah Hayes, Talent + Coordinator Manager 

“Having Friday as a flex day has been incredibly helpful to find more balance and structure each week. I’m able to allocate time to my ongoing to-do list (groceries, doctor’s appointments, etc.) on one set day, and the other four days are more focused and intentional around work.” – Lauren Potter, Director of Operations

Let’s be the change. Let’s enjoy a high quality of life AND all the success. Let’s make an impact!

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