What Creators Should Focus on in 2023, According to our Founder + CEO


January 17, 2023

Parker Fam,

I am so excited to be writing this today. While I have been reading many articles sharing the top predictions for 2023 in the world of influencer marketing, I wanted to share my thoughts from the management side (specifically for creators), so that you are best prepared for the new year.

Here is what I feel creators should focus on right now:

  1. Create + Build Business Buckets. If you are a visual person like I am, grab a sheet of paper (or hop on Canva) and put your name/business name at the top. Then, create your business buckets. What different areas fall under your business? These will be the different areas of your business that fit under your umbrella. Under each bucket, you will want to list your goals and your needs. It is as simple as that! (If you are currently managed, this is something you will want to be sure to share with your manager). See an example below:
  2. Choose 2-3 Platforms to Focus on (max). While it is so important to diversify yourself or your business and have a strong presence on multiple platforms, the reality is, that we need to take one step at a time. Partnerships follow good content, not the other way around, so spend time where you are inspired and are creating your best work. Which platforms feel the most you? Start there and let those be your priority to tackle, before feeling like you need to work on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts, Pinterest, Email list… whew, I’m already exhausted.
  3. Increase Conversion Metrics with Your Audience. As our industry shifts, we are finding more and more brands looking for a strong ROI from their partnerships. If you want brand partnerships to be a large part of your business, now is the time to think through what truly sells. This will help you make the best decisions possible when partnering with brands. Every time you have an opportunity to work with a brand, ask yourself either 1) Is this an ideal brand fit from a creative perspective (aka, am I going to knock this out of the park creatively?) or 2) Is this a brand I know my audience will be excited about (and most likely want to purchase or click to learn more)? Here is what is great to know: you don’t need crazy engagement and a huge following to convert well with your audience! You do, however, have to be very savvy with your analytics and understand what your audience wants. This is as simple as looking at organic link clicks on Instagram to see what your audience is clicking on the most. It can also mean playing around with the volume of partnerships you take on. For example, If you see the best performance when only posting 2 ads per week, stick to that schedule. It will help campaign performance, and not dilute your stats with below-average metrics.
  4. Treat it Like a Business. You’d be surprised by how many successful creators still struggle to treat what they do like a real business. If you are in this for the long game, it is time to get serious about treating this like a business. This means building a team, hiring out projects and needs, creating systems and processes, making long-term business goals (and a plan), and looking at what else you might want your business to morph into.
  5. Use Niche Video Content for Growth. Consistency, niche content, and videos are all key to current growth. When I hear that someone struggles with growth and engagement, I actually feel like the formula is extremely simple. Pick 1-3 content topics (again, just like the buckets above) and stay consistent with those. This could be as simple as “what I ate today” or “what I wore today” videos. Don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel each time – just take different spins on the same theme. 
  6. Normalize Signing Off. I’m talking about email AND social media here. As a creator, I completely understand the hesitation to sign off. However, I am here to tell you today that signing off WILL NOT negatively impact your efforts on social media. In fact, we’ve seen it do quite the opposite. A few ideas: get in the habit of either taking a 4-day break quarterly, sign off Sunday/Monday, OR take a full month off. Figure out what would feel best (and most impactful) to you. You will be a better creator because of this! Promise : )
  7. Only Compare Yourself to Yourself. I know that might sound strange, but instead of looking at who is partnering with what brand or whose content is going viral, review your own content to see what resonated with your audience (this can be as simple as reviewing the previous week or month). Instead of watching someone else’s funny reel – think of what you want people watching your channel to think, feel, and experience. Challenge yourself to be constantly improving, not analyzing how you stack up amongst everyone else. Your individuality is why brands partner with you and why you have the following that you do – don’t lose sight of that. 

I hope you found these helpful! Remember: this is a unique position to be in! Be easy on yourself, but also don’t forget the magic that you can create both creatively and business-wise this year. There are so many things within your reach and so many powerful ways you can shine in this space!



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