Tips For Showing Up [ At Home ] Everyday


February 12, 2021

2020 rocked our world in so many ways. Even if you have been in a WFH position for years, the lack of community connection on the daily was a challenge to any creative. 

Finding a balance of day to day mundane in a creative career can be tough in normal times. And then add in the stresses of a global pandemic, electoral heaviness and a civil rights movement, and we all could use any ‘tips’ for getting through the work days that sometimes seem never ending. 

At Parker, we are strewn across the country, as Talent is from different regions, but one thing has remained the same…our world continues to be different, and navigating [ and adjusting to ] the change is necessary. But we have discussed ways to create a solid team, and we believe in communication, balance, community and connection.

Here are some tips from our team on maintaining a balance between managing life, showing up for yourself and staying creative for the coming months: 

Cultivate an ‘office’: The biggest – and best – thing that has changed for our team is setting working hours and creating a work space. It is a designated desk and swivel chair because doesn’t a swivel chair make you just feel more important? It has helped greatly because when you need a break you can walk away. At the end of the work day, that space is the workplace, and the rest of the house is free of all that goes with that. 

Connect with friends: Hearing a friend’s voice can be an instant mood lifter. They are the ones that know you in and out and can spot a sour mood from a mile away. They can make you laugh with an old inside joke or an embarrassing story. Bottom line, they can remove you mentally from whatever negative / stressful / upsetting mood you may be in. They may have needed to hear your voice on their end too. Connection, even by voice, is so important. Plus it’s a good release / therapy / sounding board [ for work projects even! ]. 

Take time off: This is, without a doubt, the hardest tip at times. Especially when there is nowhere to physically go. We are trained to think work is to be prioritized over everything. But by disconnecting or saying no or not responding to that email immediately, you are failing. Just by taking an hour or so away from your phone or as simple as no distractions while eating a meal, you will feel better. Being in digital media can be stressful, we completely understand. But you are more important than that email. 

Our Talent has designated days ‘off’ and they have all shared that it has truly been life changing. Food for thought. Make a point to end the week with little to no brain bubbles (tabs as most call it) open and just breathe!

Get outside: Whew, what a walk can do. That’s all. 

Do something that ‘ends’ your work day: Light a candle, pour a glass of wine, sip on a calming cup of tea, start dinner. Give your partner a kiss to ‘signify’ coming home from work. It will help ease into that relaxation mode. 

Find strength in your partner and ask for help: Balance. It is really hard some days to ask for help, in any capacity. But it’s necessary. We all have our strengths, our weaknesses, our like to do, and our hate to do. So divy those ‘things’ up. Rely on your partner, roommate, best friend to help. Whatever that looks like to you, we promise it will give you space to breathe. 

Set goals: Is it getting dressed everyday for the work week? Or freakin’ brushing your teeth? Maybe it is landing 2 partnerships in Q1…big or small, all goals are good goals.  So set that goal you will feel so good when you hit it and mark it off your list!


How are you managing your balance, Friends?

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