Our Ins & Outs for 2024


January 4, 2024

IN //

  • Being YOU
  • Organic sharing
  • Niche creators
  • Long-term brand partnerships
  • Multiple platform creators
  • AI integration
  • Unplugging more often
  • Turning down partnerships that aren’t aligned
  • Extra emphasis on growing your TikTok
  • High quality content, with less filtering
  • Brands built by creators
  • Creators having creative control
  • FaceTime-like content
  • Content series
  • Social responsibility
  • Supporting other creators
  • Professionalism
  • Creating community and connecting with your audience

OUT //

  • Overly staged content
  • Giveaways
  • Comparison
  • Seldom posting
  • Working with brands that aren’t authentic to your platform
  • Taking on too many ads
  • Blaming the algorithm
  • Vanity metrics
  • Imposter syndrom
  • Never signing off
  • Mindlessly scrolling
  • Overthinking content
  • Focusing on one platform only

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