Our Current Favorite Content Trends


April 3, 2024

Happy Q2! Let’s dive into some of our team’s favorite content trends right now.

Ally Billings, Talent Coordinator: 

I have been loving any type of content that has “with me” in the title! Whether it is “get ready with me”, “clean with me”, “make dinner with me”, etc… I love the realness that these types of videos bring and I truly feel like I am right there with the creator! I also find them extremely motivating and inspiring. 

I am an avid reader, so something else I love is being a part of “book-tok” over on TikTok! It is a community where creators share what their favorite books are. I find that it is such a fun community to interact with and get amazing ideas and recommendations from. 

Solenice Burress, Senior Talent Manager: 

I am loving all things cleaning and organizing right now! As a Mom, watching someone organize their linen closet or deep clean their bathroom is oddly therapeutic for me and even inspiring in some ways. I’ve been able to pull so many practical ideas on how to keep different spaces in my home organized and tidy. I am also loving anything about romanticizing the simple, everyday parts of life.

Sydney Shockloss, Talent Manager:

Pack with Me videos – everyone needs and loves travel organization inspo, not only do they have great trips for packing but also outfit and shoe inspo too! 

What I eat in a day – I love watching these to get inspo for my daily meals and snacks, it’s fun to see what other people are eating and trying during the week! 

Any big DIY transformation where you see the project start to finish in the same video – it’s so satisfying to watch something come together so quickly knowing how much work and dedication went into the back end of getting the final product, @thedadsocial + @kyliekatitch have so many of these that are fun to watch! 

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