Our #1 Secret To Success On Instagram?


May 1, 2020


Yeah yeah yeah… we know you’ve heard this SO many times. Allow us to really dive deeper here though. 

You already influence people in some area of your life. How would people close to you describe you? If you’re not sure, go ask them! What do people always come to you for? Your tech knowledge? Your knack for DIY? Your parenting tips? 

Before you try “influencing” you have to be clear on WHO you are.

This is a loaded point, but it’s really key to excelling in this space. We’ve seen time and time again, people suppress bits of their life that off camera and behind the scenes, are so truly them. Hopping on social media and using it to try and be someone you are not or follow suit of someone else is not the answer. The answer is in YOU. 

Take a moment today to hop on your social media platforms and look to see if who you truly are, is what your audience is getting. If it’s not, start by making a list of things you can share that are YOU. Push yourself a little harder to let your personality shine and most importantly, you cannot fear the outcome. 

Go get em!

– Lindsay

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