Finding Your Purpose To Propel Growth with @fullmhouse

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September 15, 2020

If you haven’t come across @fullmhouse’s profile on Instagram, you are missing out! The mom and dad duo share how they laugh their way through parenting and marriage! They are sharing with us how they grew their following by finding their purpose to keep life fun and lighthearted and stay real. 


Q: You have had tremendous growth the past year, what was the driving force behind the purpose to share your family dynamics? 

A: We have been sharing our family for over 10 years now. It wasn’t until just this year that we started seeing exponential growth on Instagram. The driving force since day one has always been to spread joy and laughter. We’ve always believed in a strong family dynamic and we feel like people have related and felt joy through our feed. 


Q: How have you translated your following from YouTube to Instagram?

A: Our YouTube following hasn’t really translated much to Instagram. We’ve been sharing family music videos and other videos sparingly on YouTube, but haven’t created much of a culture like we have on Instagram. Consistency probably would have helped us there. 


Q: Which do you feel has been the best for your growth?

A: Sharing “shareable” content. We started seeing exponential growth when we started our Try on Tuesday segment. People want to laugh, people want to feel joy, and people like to spread those things to their friends and family and that’s what has made us grow the fastest.


Q: How do you and Caleb tackle partnerships with brands? Will you give us a little insight into your brainstorming process!

A: We love to come up with entertaining ways to present ads. It is honestly my favorite part of this job! Using our creativity and making it fun has been very successful with our audience. We bounce ideas off each other and usually come to a middle ground pretty quickly and laugh our way through the process. 


Q: How do you stay authentic on the platform when there is so much comparison?

A: We think our authenticity is what has attracted our audience. People want to relate and feel normal and I think we give them that normalcy they’re looking for with a little humor to get through the day. Comparison destroys joy and happiness instead try to cheer on the people in your same niche. Share each other, comment, help each other grow. 


Q: What is your number one tip for increasing your growth on digital media platforms?

A: Creating shareable content is a must. Whether it’s creative, humorous, helpful, within your niche, people will want to share it and you will have gained an authentic audience who really want to be there. 


Thank you for letting us take a peek inside your fun family, Kelsi! xx

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