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April 13, 2021

You have landed your ‘dream job’ – Influencer. You are able to be creative, share with others and talk up your favorite products, but how do you step out of your comfort zone and boost your growth? With algorithms and an ever-changing landscape, it gets harder to grow by the day, especially in this ever-changing world of technology. 


We are spending more and more time on digital media, but a lot of us are feeling the funk of burnout. So how do you maintain sanity and balance, yet still grow and be consistent? 


We are sharing 5 tips for staying the course, hitting reset and growing your following: 


  1. Tap into your following: Polls, question boxes, DM’s – utilize what makes them open their phone to see what is happening in your life on the daily. They can be your inspiration and your consumer. And when time is tough on digital media, they are right there with you!
  2. It is OK to take time off: Your community loves you and will still be there on Monday if you just needed to hit that reset button this weekend. Your following is doing just that for a reason. Following! They like what you offer, they want to see your latest finds and they want you to be in the best mental state! So put your phone away for a day or two and when you are ready to reemerge, they will appreciate your fresh outlook and be encouraged to do the same!
  3. Engage when you can: We completely understand that you can’t make engaging with your community a full-time job, but what if being present when you can and being kind in the space is all you need?  A simple response or comment back speaks volumes to your following and shows your appreciation for them! ‘Engaging’ properly can also be connecting with other like-minded content creators that you mesh well with. The community is stronger when we all come together!
  4. Have fun with trends: Yes, staying up to date on social trends is important, but it doesn’t need to feel like so much pressure to outperform! Brainstorm, pull in your fam and friends and get creative! We assure you, the more fun with it you have, the more you will shine.
  5. Share your thoughts: Being authentic is no longer considered a short-term movement, we are all here for it. By being your true self, less filter, more wonderfully Y O U…. you can speak volumes to your community and they are more likely to stick if you are consistent throughout day-to-day life and when you share that paid partnership!


Bottom line, know your worth and be certain of the value you add to the digital space every day!

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