Blogging Isn’t Dead


November 29, 2022

We’ve heard the chatter. That blogging isn’t relevant anymore, that it’s so 2017, that no one reads blogs. Well we don’t agree with any of it. After all, you’re here reading this blog post. Just like approximately 60% of internet users who read blogs regularly. So despite what many think or what you may hear, blogging isn’t dead. And we’re here, writing on a blog, to tell you why!

You own your audience.
Unlike with Instagram and other social media platforms, your blog audience is your own. Think about the Instagram scare a few weeks ago, when thousands of users woke up to find their accounts disabled or missing tons of followers. Instragm controls everything on Instagram, including who sees your content and how many people see it. On a blog, that is in your control.

You can connect on a deeper level.
Your blog audience gets to connect with you on a deeper level than any other platform. They aren’t just a follower that scrolls by on social media, they are showing up for you and what you have to offer. A blog is the perfect place to get into the nitty gritty and really let them get to know you.

It is a safe creative space.
We love social media, don’t get us wrong. But one of the downfalls of putting yourself out there on socials is that you get trolls and haters. Let’s face it. People can be downright mean when they can hide behind a screen. A blog gives you the safe space to be creative, where people are coming to learn from you or connect with you on purpose.

They hold valuable information.
Blogs give you the opportunity to expand on a topic way more than you could in an Instagram post. Our DIY-ers see a lot of benefits from having a blog because they’re able to put together tutorials and how-tos without needing to worry about it being too long. Lifestyle bloggers might see the benefits in being able to link multiple products in one blog post. Blogs are also deemed trustworthy sources. In fact, 68.5% of consumers feel that a blog adds to credibility. And blogs have been rated the fifth most trustworthy source when it comes to gathering information online. People trust bloggers.

Blogs are income producing.
Blogging is still a very lucrative industry, with many full time bloggers averaging around $8000 per month! For many, what started as a side hobby has become a full blown business. Allowing them and sometimes even their spouses the freedom to quit their corporate jobs.

For many, blogs may seem obsolete. But we just don’t agree with that. There are so many important reasons to keep blogging. And in our opinion, it isn’t going anywhere.

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