Angela Rose x Loloi


November 1, 2022

We mentioned in a previous post that many of our talent have been working on product development collaborations and projects. And one of those projects launched on October 17th: Angela Rose x Loloi!

Angela’s collaboration with Loloi is a dream come true for her, with three rug collections and a pillow collection. And a whole lot of heart went into bringing it to life. But this didn’t happen overnight. It’s been a year and a half in the making! And the past year and a half has involved designing the pieces, trips to the showroom to see them in person, and making many, many decisions.

Each piece of the Angela Rose x Loloi collaboration was planned out to a T, right down to the names of each collection. Each rug collection was named after each of Angela’s children, Aubrey, Blake, and Colton. And like her kids, each collection is unique. The Aubrey collection is full of textures and patterns. Each is a piece of art on its own. The Blake collection is a mix of traditional and modern motifs, inspired by antique and vintage rugs. They are soft and practical for any space of your home. And finally, the Colton collection. The Colton collection is a fresh take on a jute rug with neutral and linear patterns. It’s handwoven and durable, and makes a statement.

Moving onto the pillows! The pillow collection perfectly complements the rug collections. Each pillow was created to be durable and beautiful, and they definitely accomplished that goal! Each of the piece’s is like Angela’s children, and if you ask her, she can’t pick a favorite.

Product development isn’t always easy, but it’s so worth it. It may take a year and a half and sample after sample, but eventually you end up with the perfect result you’d want to use or buy yourself. And that’s always the goal isn’t it?

If you want to learn more about Angela Rose x Loloi, you can read her blog post about the collections. Follow along on her Instagram as well as she gives styling tips and showcases each of the pieces! And don’t forget to follow @loloirugs on Instagram too!

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